Legal section has not been formally dealt with yet. The basic terms of use ("Terms") and notices are as follows:

  1. I do not own any of the content from the viewer page that is being fetched from off-site unless otherwise noted.
  2. Viewer usage logs are kept to track basic usage of modules. No tags are stored. You can not opt out.
  3. No images are stored on this server. All images are fetched and mirrored from off-site sources.
  4. If you look up tags/images that are illegal in your country/area, I am not responsible for it. Know your own laws.
  5. If you're looking up porn, make sure you're of legal age to do so.
  6. Use of the APIs/websites/modules from the viewer do not mean I'm getting sponsored nor am I sponsoring them.
  7. First-party cookies may be used in the future but are not being used right now. My servers run through cloudflare, so there are some cloudflare cookies set. See their privacy policy for more info.
  8. I reserve the right to block access from anyone to the website/viewer for any or no reason.

Use of the website and viewer are subject to these tentative Terms. Terms may change at any time without warning or notice.


  1. Usage logs include the following: IP address, module requested, and number of tags (but not the tags themselves). I don't store tags, but see the next line.
  2. Tags are not explicitly tracked by me, however the way they are currently handled, they may be tracked by your ISP, cloudflare, and/or my server provider. What these parties do with that data is their business and I don't really care. You'll have to go look up their respective privacy policies.
    Since the image fetching logic and image viewer are on two different servers, the viewer sends an HTTPS request with your tags/modules to an API. This request will be seen by your ISP and whatever else monitors your network activity and my servers network activity.
    Since the request is HTTPS the payload data will be encrypted however these are GET requests and as such the URL contains the tags. Eventually I'll be switching to POST, but it's not a priority.
  3. Images are only mirrored (fetched by the server and displayed directly) when necessary. When mirroring happens, your IP will be sent via request headers. Setting the debug flag "mirror everything" from your console will not hide your IP. You'll need a VPN or proxy for that.
  4. While I do reserve the right to block access as per the tentative terms, access generally won't be blocked by me unless I see suspicious (potentially malicious) activity or I am asked by someone with the authority to demand an access restriction in the United States. See the home page for a contact email.